Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too!) has a hands on approach to learning.
Our Preschool Program-3's
The following is a list of skills and concepts that are age appropriate for our three year old preschool class and are included in the curriculum.
Numbers- Begin to recognize numbers 1-10 (and beyond) and simple counting of objects. Introduction of basic addition and substraction.
Colors- Begin to recognize and name 8 basic colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black.  We will also reinforce what we are learning in Spanish by learning the Spanish names for our colors.   
Shapes- Begin to recognize and name 4 basic shapes: circle, square, triangle and rectangle through games and puzzles. 
Alphabet- Begins to recognize and name upper case letters. Recognize his/her own name. 
Fine Motor Skills- Improve eye-hand coordination with finger plays, writing, cutting, painting, molding and   building. 
Large Motor Skills- Involve the children in activities such as running, jumping on one and two feet,  and climbing. 
Imaginations at work daily at Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too!)Language Arts- To speak and enunciate clearly for age, use “finger plays”,  recognize some upper and lower case letters,  recognize own name and proficiently write own name, know “opposite”, see “likeness” and “difference” in objects, know the meaning of the “est” words (longest, shortest), use manners, and know general and specific body parts. Begin to recognize sight words.    
Weather/Seasons- Know what we wear, seasonal characteristics of animals and how they live in various seasons. Know the days of the week and begin to know months of the year. 
Art/Crafts- Show originality and creativity by independently using a variety of colors and mater.
Our preschoolers will participate in activities including Spanish, Kid Fit, and music.  These classes are taught by our teachers who incorporate these things in their daily activities and curriculum. Your preschooler will also be taking walks and going on field trips to the neighborhood nursing home where they will be preforming for their residents.  Be sure to watch your childs class room door and bulletin board for details.  All children must have signed permission slips to participate in off campus activities. 
As always at Active Imaginations, assessments are done twice a year and are gone over in depth with parents during parent/teacher conferences.  Please feel free to ask to see your child's portfolio at any time.
Building a foundation for lifelong learning starts early at Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too!).