Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too) brings out the creativity in everyone.
Our Toddler Program your toddlers will embark on a journey of  mastering new skills such as how to walk, talk, and potty training. It is exciting to watch your toddler learn new skills. The normal development of children aged 1-3 can be broken down into the following areas:
  • Gross motor - walking, running, climbing
  • Fine motor - feeding themselves, drawing
  • Sensory - seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling
  • Language - saying single words, then sentences
  • Social - playing with others, taking turns, doing fantasy play
Toddlers do not develop at the same rate. There is a wide range of what is considered "normal." Your child may be ahead in some areas and slightly behind in others.  Our teachers are trained on conducting assessments to see where each individual child's development is.  Although they take notes for each child on a daily basis for their portfolios, complete assmesments are done twice a year.  We strongly urge you to sign up for parent teacher conferences to go over this in detail.  If you have any concerns regarding your childs development, please don't hesitate to ask their teacher or the director.  It might be a common area of concern or together we might need to consult outside help for further assessments.  Active Imaginations has a relationship with community agencies that can help guide you through this process.  If your child is in need of therepy (speech, PT/OT, etc) we can arrange for those sessions to be completed here. Your toddler will be encouraged to explore their environment.  We offer a safe learning atmosphere for them to try new things as well as interact and learn to share with their peers.  Your child will experience water play, blocks, dramatic play and much more.  Some days will be messier than others, so please have a couple changes of clothes! 
I can conquer the world at Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too).