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Our Two Year Old Program
The following is a list of skills and concepts that are age appropriate for two year olds and may are included in the curriculum.
Numbers- Introduce numbers 1-5 (and beyond) through games,songs, and hands on activities 
Colors- Introduce 8 basic colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, black 
Shapes- Introduce 4 basic shapes: circle,square, triangle and rectangle through games and puzzles
Fine Motor Skills- Improve hand coordination through play using a variety of materials including play dough, puzzles, finger plays and art.
Large Motor Skills- Involve the children in activities such as running, hopping on two feet, and climbing. 
Language Arts Improve language skills through play, listen and discussions stories, become aware of general body parts (such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc). 
Weather/Seasons- Introduce concepts of what we wear and why.  Introduce characteristics of weather, wind, rain, snow, and sun. 
Art/Crafts- Make simple crafts and participate in activities using a variety of materials.
Sometime during this year, your child will start showing signs of being ready to be potty trained!  If you see the signs or want to begin the process, please let us know!  This is a team effort and we need to be on the same page doing the same thing!  Our theory on potty training is quite simple.  It should not be started until the child shows signs of readiness, all parties are committed and we are diligent.  Once your child is ready,please bring in plenty of changes of clothes. We are not big on pull ups but will use them if you prefer.  However, we suggest that at a point to go straight to underwear.  We make a big deal about our “potty friends” and wearing 'big boys' (underwear) or "big girls' (panties)!  We will take them to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes.  If they are dry or use the potty we will reward them with a sticker or stamp.  If they have an accident, we will encourage them to stay dry or use the potty next time. We will never scold or punish a child for an accident.  We are always doing laundry at school so if you want us to put the soiled or wet clothes in the washer/dryer here just let us know.  If you would prefer to launder them at home we will put them in a plastic bag to be sent home.  Potty training can be a fun and rewarding experience…we are looking forward to this journey with you and your child! 
Our two year olds will participate in weekly extracurricular activities including Spanish, and Kid Fit.  These classes are taught by local professionals who have all licensing requirements such as background checks.  The teachers participate in these classes so they can reinforce and incorporate what the children are learning into the daily activities and curriculum.  
As always at Active Imaginations, assessments are done twice a year and are gone over in depth with parents during parent/teacher conferences.  Please feel free to ask to see your child's portfolio at any time. 
 I am engineering my future at Active Imaginations Child Development Center (and preschool too).